Alesis DM7X Review | What To Expect with The Popular Drum SetAlesis DM7X Review

The electric drum set we will be reviewing today is none other then the alesis dm7x. Our Alesis DM7X review  was promoted due to the popularity of the drum set. This set sold like absolute hotcakes on amazon which is what promoted us to review the electrical drum set.

Whats Inside The Alesis DM7X

This Alesis DM7X is an electronic drumset that comes prepacked with a number of features and items. It is compact, and that means that it will fit pretty much anywhere that someone wants to put it. This drumset has 385 sounds and 40 kits, which allows for a lot of diversity when playing. A kick pedal, stealth kick, and trigger are all included. Also, three 10 inch cymbals are a part of this drumset.

The Alesis DM7X Electric Drum Set

Alesis DM7X Review

The Pros

  • Priced amazingly well for what you are getting
  • Easy To set up and get started
  • Playing on the drums is easy and straight foreword

The Cons

  • The Drum Build Quality Is not the greatest
  • Drum Build Quality 84%
  • Drum Sound Quality 92%
  • Drum Set up 89%
  • Manufacter Reputation 95%
  • Price 95%
  • Consumer Reviews 94%
  • Overall 93%

Alesis DM7X Review: Conclusion

Overall, the bottom line is that this drum set is what it appears to be which is a good entry level electric drum set set for beginners. It is cheaper than most other drum sets, and while that can be a good thing when someone is on a budget, it may also affect the quality of the drum set. It comes with quite a few pieces, and many sounds can be made while playing it, but everyone will have to decide for themselves if this is the right drum set for them. That said, we highly recommend the set if you are looking for your first drum set as its easy to set up and start jamming on.

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