Fishman ISYS III Review | Examining The Preamp and Pickup System Fishman ISYS III Review

If you are a guitar player and looking for the right beat board, you have found what you are looking for. The Fishman Presys Blend 301 Folk Acoustic Guitar Pickups Mic Beat Board takes the cake. It is guaranteed to be precisely what you need. Take a look at the specifications and you can easily see that the Fishman Preyes Blend 301 is the perfect fit for your musical needs. Our Fishman ISYS III Review:

Whats inside the Fishman Presys+ Onboard Preamp and Pickup System

The Fishman Preyes Blend 301 Folk Acoustic Guitar Pickups Mic Beat Board iscompletelybrand new. It is a stable, durable device that will produce sounds that you will love. Not only is it easy to play but, installation and setup are with no hassle. Simply, find a place where the curvature of the guitar matches the curvatureof the preamp and you are good to go. The Fishman ISYS III is constructed using high-quality material making it easy to repair and even easier to maintain.

Fishman Presys+ Onboard Preamp and Pickup System

Fishman ISYS III Review


  • Build Quality 77%
  • Sound Quality 81%
  • Set Up 80%
  • Features 75%
  • Manufacter Reputation 85%
  • Consumer Reviews 69%
  • Price 72%

Editors Ratings



  • The overall build quality and feel of the drums is top notch.
  • Different sounds are available which is a big plus in terms of customization
  • Great company with a reputation of quality behind it


  • The price of the digital drum set is fairly steep.

Fishman ISYS III Review: Conclusion

Overall, this is a quality drumset, but something that may be a bit too expensive for some. The drumset comes with many different sound setup with endless possibilities when playing. Customization was made really well and is a big selling point. There is quality background music to include when playing, and it is a fun drumset to have around. When it comes to the drum set size, it is fairly compact, and it will fit in any room. This drum set is fairly portable despite being packed in with a ton of features. Setting up the drum set was also fairly easy and we did not find it difficult at all. That said, the price is point is fairly steep and you will be paying a hefty penny for this drum set. Our Roland TD 11kv review was fairly brief but the drum set is enjoyable to play with a great overall set. To wrap things up, if you can afford this drum set than by all means.

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Fishman ISYS III Review
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