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If you love to sing, the iSing Karaoke Speaker System might be heaven sent. You can now sing your heart out to your all-time favorite songs, with the words displaying right on the screen. Whether you are just doing this for fun or getting warmed up for a live performance, the Ising Karaoke Speaker System will satisfy your musical thirst. This is an essential system to have for any person who loves to sing. Our iSing Karaoke Speaker System Review was written due to how much I enjoyed this product.

What’s Included In The Vivitar ISK-IPD iSing Karaoke Machine Sound System

The iSing Karaoke Speake System is compatible with the vast majority of electronic devices. You put your tablet, smartphone, or any other device into the 360-degree swivel holder. You can use either a 10 inch or 7-inch insert depending which insert works the best with the device you are using. Upon purchase, you will also receive microphone, 2 device inserts, and the AC adapter. It features a dual jack input so that you can use 2 microphones at once and sing a duo with a friend. The Karaoke AnywhereApp features more than 30,000 songs plus the 50 free songs you can get. You can take theiSing Karaoke Speaker System with you for family picnics, sleepovers, graduation parties, and so much more. It weighs a little more than 4 pounds making it easy to transport. Even light enough for your little one to turn on Youtube and sing her favorite nursery rhymes. TheiSing Karaoke Speaker System is a great starter system for people who have never sung karaoke before.

 Vivitar ISK-IPD iSing Karaoke Machine Sound System

   iSing Karaoke Speaker System Review


  • Build Quality 85%
  • Karaoke Machine Features 89%
  • Manufacter Reputation 93%
  • Price 94%
  • Consumer Reviews 91%

Editors Ratings



  • The I Sing Karaoke Speaker System is compatible with almost every device including smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, and iPods.
  • Upon purchase, the buyer will receive50 free songs through Google Play or iTunes.
  • This is a great gift and product that can be used for a multitude of functions, extremely versatile.


  • If using at an event, the crowd has to be on the smaller sound as the volume is not as loud as many would like it to be.
  • Others complained of the adapter cord not working properly.
  • Othe complaints have been of shipping and delivery damage to the product and having to return it.

iSing Karaoke Speaker System Review: Conclusion

The iSing Karaoke Speaker System is an affordable, fun karaoke machine for anyone involved. If you love to sing, then this is the perfect product for you. A fun personal little singing phone for you to sing out loud and learn the words to songs. Even to put on a performance for your family. Any device with an audio jack can be attached to theiSing Karaoke Speaker System, making it simple, easy, and entertaining.

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