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Are you looking to purchase an acoustic guitar? The Mitchell MD100 Acoustic Guitar is the acoustic guitar that you need. It’s affordable, well-made, and emits a sound that is absolutely mesmerizing. The Mitchell MD100 is ideal for beginners and immediate guitar players. Let’s not forget that this is one of the most affordable acoustic guitars that you can buy, a value that you will not find elsewhere. Our Mitchell MD100 Acoustic Guitar Review was broken down into several judging criteria including guitar build quality, sound quality, manufacturer reputation, pricing and more.

What’s Inside The Mitchell MD100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Mitchell MD100 has the exact features you want and all the functions a beginner could need. Beginning with the overall look of the guitar, the Mitchell MD100 is a great value from the start. This acoustic guitar is a full-sized dreadnought with a laminated spruce top and constructed using the finest mahogany giving you the rich, full round tone that is desired from an acoustic. The rosewood fingerboard is embellished using mother of pearl dots with an abalone rosette making this guitar truly stunning.The solid top features laminate back and sides resulting in better sound than fully laminate guitars. The overall value of theMitchell MD100 will surpass all of your previous expectations.The Roland TD 11kv electronic drumset is a sophisticated and well-built drum set. It has a ton of features included like a  mesh-head, cloth head kick, triple trigger cymbal and more. The TD-11 sound module is also included which opens up customization quite a bit. All of the features work together to give a natural drumming experience.

 Mitchell MD100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar



  • Guitar Build Quality 87%
  • Guitar Sound Quality 91%
  • Tuning 87%
  • Manufacter Reputation 94%
  • Price 97%
  • Consumer Reviews 92%

Editors Ratings



  • Customers immediately noticed a fret buzz that can luckily be corrected with proper adjusting.
  • The Mitchell MD100 will not be able to be played right out of the box, this is a guitar that will require thorough adjustments to sound right.


  • The price of the digital drum set is fairly steep.

Mitchell MD100 Acoustic Guitar Review: Conclusion

The Mitchell MD100 Acoustic Guitar Review has proved beyond a doubt that this guitar is the best value around for a beginning guitar player. Although, you will need to make adjustments to get that exact sound that you need which should never be an issue. Every guitar player customizes their guitar specifically to their liking. Even though, there are small plastic parts that you will want to replace. Replacing them will only makeMitchell MD100 even better. This is a deal that can not be beaten. TheMitchell MD100 is the ideal acoustic guitar for any aspiring musician.

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Mitchell MD100 Acoustic Guitar Review
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