Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier Review | A solid and Well Built AmpPeavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier Review

The Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier is a PA system. Peavey is a world-renowned musical instrument distributor that has been around since 1965. When you hear Peavey, you really hear legendary durability. This particular keyboard amplifier has scored a ton of high ranking reviews across numerious retailers and outlets. Like much of the gear that makes noise (no pun intended), we prompted to pickup the keyboard and run a few tests on it. The criteria for our  Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier Review was broken down into 5 catagories which was the build quality,  features included, the manufacter’s reputation, unit pricing and lastly, consumer reviews.

What’s Included In The Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier

Wattage options for the Peavey KB5 are: 20W, 50W, 60W, 75W and 100W. There are two separate channels, each having 2-band EQ. Specifically the channels are easily equipped to handle voice, as well as many different instruments at once. The headphone out feature allows one to use headphones with the KB5. Microphone use is simple with the many inputs on the Peavey KB5.

Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier

  Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier Review


  • Build Quality 94%
  • Amp Machine Features 91%
  • Manufacter Reputation 95%
  • Price 87%
  • Consumer Reviews 94%

Editors Ratings



  • High quality build. This amp will last you for quite some time.
  • Great number of editing and customization options available
  • Easy Setup and learning curve


  • The pricing is fairly steap and on the expensive side.

Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier Review: Conclusion

All in all, the Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier is legendary. This little amp would sound great in a home-based studio, or in a venue. What’s great about is the Peavey KB5 is the fact that it cators to all music enthusiasts. You will find value in this amp whether you are a beginner starting out or seasoned vet. The reviews and hype in general with this keyboard is %100 percent justified. This awesome amp can rock out ’til midnight for a concert, or let the show go on at school play. Best of all, bass and treble levels are easily distinguishable with this amplifier. To wrap things up, if you can afford the Peavey KB5 Keyboard Amplifier than it should strongly be considered.

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