Roland TD 11kv Review | Our Review of Roland Made Drum SetRoland TD 11kv Review

Our Roland TD 11kv Review finally here folks! This digital drum set has hit top notch reviews from many retailers which prompted us to test it out to see if the hype is warranted. Roland is a company that has built itself a reputation when it comes high-quality digital drums. The drum set was used for a span of 2 months and was reviewed based up a set criteria such as the build quality, sound quality, features, pricing, manufacter reputation and more.

Whats inside the Roland TD-11KV-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

The Roland TD 11kv electronic drumset is a sophisticated and well built drum set. It has a ton of features included like a  mesh-head, cloth head kick, triple trigger cymbal and more. The TD-11 sound module is also included which opens up customization quite a bit. All of the features work together to give a natural drumming experience.

Roland TD-11KV-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD 11kv Review


  • Drum Build Quality 91%
  • Drum Sound Quality 95%
  • Drum Set up 92%
  • Manufacter Reputation 97%
  • Price 73%
  • Consumer Reviews 96%

Editors Ratings



  • The overall build quality and feel of the drums is top notch.
  • Different sounds are available which is a big plus in terms of customization
  • Great company with a reputation of quality behind it


  • The price of the digital drum set is fairly steep.

Roland TD 11kv Review: Conclusion

Overall, this is a quality drumset, but something that may be a bit too expensive for some. The drumset comes with many different sound setup with endless possibilities when playing. Customization was made really well and is a big selling point. There is quality background music to include when playing, and it is a fun drumset to have around. When it comes to the drum set size, it is fairly compact, and it will fit in any room. This drum set is fairly portable despite being packed in with a ton of features. Setting up the drum set was also fairly easy and we did not find it difficult at all. That said, the price is point is fairly steep and you will be paying a hefty penny for this drum set. Our Roland TD 11kv review was fairly brief but the drum set is enjoyable to play with a great overall set. To wrap things up, if you can afford this drum set than by all means.

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Roland TD 11kv Review
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