Yamaha DTX750K Review | What To Expect With Yamaha’s Electric Drums Yamaha DTX750K Review

The Yamaha dtx750k is an electronic drumset for those who want a high class instrument. Anyone who is looking for something with a great sound is going to love this drumset and the way that it will work for them. This is another set that has been quite popular and has been selling like crazy. Consumer reviews have also been highly rated for the set and I wanted to see if they was in fact legit. I wanted to verify that the  Yamaha DTX750 was as good as they say it is. Our  Yamaha DTX750K Review was based on a number of criteria including the drum’s build quality, sound quality, performance, functionality, consumer reviews and more.  The time spent playing on the drums was just over 2 months as I wanted ensure that no stone was left unturned when using these drums.


What’s Inside The Yamaha DTX750K

This electronic drumset comes with an assembled rack, a pad set, drum trigger module, and more. It also has a great cymbal pad set, which includes four cymbals. The weight of the electric drum set is apropxiemtly 21 pounds and sports a black and silver colour. Assembling the  Yamaha DTX700 Series Electronic Drum Set was pretty straight forword and did not take as long as I expected.



 Yamaha DTX700 Series Electronic Drum Set (DTX750K)

Yamaha DTX750K Review


  • The build quality is amazing and very well built
  • Functions and features are top notch
  • Playing on the drums is easy and straight foreword


  • The price is very expensive



  • Drum Build Quality 97%
  • Drum Sound Quality 95%
  • Drum Set up 89%
  • Manufacter Reputation 93%
  • Price 72%
  • Consumer Reviews 95%

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Yamaha DTX750K Review: Conclusion

There are good things about this drumset, but the price might really be the biggest factor for some. Those who are just playing for a hobby won’t be able to consider this electronic drumset because it will be out of their price range. But anyone who wants a good electronic drumset to play for more than a hobby should consider this one. It might give them the kind of performance that they have always been looking for from an electronic drumset, as it has all that they need. I hope our Yamaha DTX750K Review answered some of questions you folks may have had. At the end of the day, this is the best electric drum set out right now and I highly recommend it if you can afford it.

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